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Barefoot Bay Underground

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Everyone else has a Barefoot Bay web site, so I figured, why not me too?

Picture Caption - January 30, 2008 - In the picture above find six lovely ladies showing their spirit by support of the American Flag which had been missing from the 35' flag pole for 3 years! Not to be ignored any longer or put off by lame excuses why the flag could not fly until the District was good and ready to fix it, this was their way of protesting in support of the flag. They vowed to do this every week until the Flag was raised.

They were pretty effective because the flag was flying high by the end of the week, February 1, 2008

Favorite Links

UnOfficial Barefoot Bay web site

This site is named Unofficial but, is by far the most comprehensive and professional Barefoot Bay site. It has everything Barefoot Bay on it. And I mean everything, except maybe the kitchen sink and I have a feeling that is in here to somewhere. If you want to know anything about Barefoot Bay, make this your first stop.

Barefoot Bay Underground Forums

This site is all about the People's Forum. A place for folks to express their opinions on everything Barefoot Bay or, anywhere else for that matter. Not always warm and fuzzy here, you'll find passionate expressions here of both community pride and frustration. Intruder hangs here after falling in with evil companions and having a wonderful time, so jump right in.

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